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In some cases of bone absorption we also find wide-spread calcium

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in the serums interfered with the carrying out of the test, he hit upon

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carried out in accordance with Pfliiger'si"' method. After hydrolysis, 0.95 gm.

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Now we come to the infectious diseases (Fig. 8), and take as an

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of the abdominal muscles is maintained by the respiratory center.

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pressure necessary to distend the lungs by artificial positive pressure respiration

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degree was divided in tenths. With a hand lens it was easy to read 1/20 of a

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heart appears to be freely suspended above the diaphragm. In such

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cocci which produce disease differ sharply from the type of organ-

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the reactivity is decreased to such an extent, that the cutaneous reaction

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Beam, R. S., Lumberton; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1912; U.N.C 1912 1913

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mococci here concerned and finds that they fall into five different

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selves to the outer surface of the red corpuscles as do the young

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season, sex, age, duration of illness, amount of membrane, locality of

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of performing the thyroid functions under favorable conditions of env

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Fig. i8. Diffuse interstitial infiltration of the vaccinated testis after three

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Patient. — Colored man, Martiniquan, aged 30, laborer, admitted May 15,

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of the sexual cycle, similar to the uterine changes, which occur at regular

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It would scarcely be proper to close without referring to the work of

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Mitchell; Fifth District, Dr. Seavy Highsmith; Sixth District, Dr.

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to May, 1910, fifty-nine eases — a total of 221 cases. For certain reasons

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sent a culture of this organism to Dr. Noguchi, who assures us that

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Case 2 is not so close as seems at first sight, for it is certain that his

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Stills, and that, through the able collaboration of Dr. Pepper, it

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tively complete block," where an automatic ventricular rhythm has arisen

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stems, coarsely powdered the leaves and preserved them in air-tight tins.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health