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(Zinsser. Hopkins, and Gilbert: Cultivation of Treponema pallidum.)
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40. Satellite of the Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences.
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Mangum, C. S., Chapel Hill; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1894; U.N.C 1896 1900
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ful inquiry and examination, neither one of the rational
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We must conclude, therefore, that while in conditions of oversatura-
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predisposing cause to tuberculous infection, we may expect to find empir-
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just as is the case on opening the pleural space. He practically states that
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after Norris was elected surgeon to the Pennsylvania IIosi)ital. In
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sixth injection of 3 c.c. caused a slow marked fall of blood pressure from 100 to
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seems to find its support in the fact that certain susceptible individuals
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obtained with agar and starch on the basis that these substances contain a small
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76. Brubacker: Ueber den Gelialt an anorganischen Stoffen, besonders an Kalk,
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of carrying it out would be $850,000,000 a year. No attempt was made to
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cubation at 37° for 3 hours. The experiments showing these
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Large single, and diplococci and cocci in clumps. Gram-positive.
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The results of the tests on the perfused heart were as follows: the
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it to the plasma, and if light inoculations are desired two or more
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control tests of agglutination and protection, the preliminary injection of cul-
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stem that was recently isolated from the necrotic tissues of an acute case
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grayish areas, 1.5 to 2 mm. in diameter, standing out distinctly against a red
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what higher than normal. In only one experiment (G) was there any appre-
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A non-pathogenic protcus may be made pathogenic by inoculation
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as inclusions. The spleen was the only organ to show a very marked lesion.
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With the results of these experiments at hand it may be well to dis-
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question definitely, and until it is possible to get a test that will

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health