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From time to time different tissues and organs have been made re-
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5 Christian, H. A., and O'Hare, J. P., Jour. Med. Research, 1913, xxviii, 227.
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An argument similar to the above may be advanced to account for
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Centrifuged extract of rat fetuses ; 9 injections ; 65 fetuses.
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During the period of slow ventricular rate there is a 2 to 1 rhythm.
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Mitchell, R. C, Mt. Airy; Univ. of Pa., 1919; U.N.C 1921 1923
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is 1.3 c.c. of oxygen liberated in the first fifteen seconds. This is remark-
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of Senate Bill 120 and of Senate Bill 121 as amended, notably among which
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observed in other cases that this report is offered.
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1 Markwalder, J., and Starling, E. H., Jour. Physiol., 1913, xlvii, 275.
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tuberculosis, diseases of the heart, diseases (not venereal)
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The heart was immediately excised and connected with the aortic
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description of the apparatus and its use is found in Hempel's Gas Analysis, trans-
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is preliminary to absorption, or merely a soaking through fibrous tissue
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phate, in part or in whole, and that under ordinary conditions the pre-
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stipation, all combined to point to the colon as the seat of the growth,
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by Banzhaf^ for the concentration of diphtheria antitoxin. In
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escape the original injury and be capable of giving rise to new cells which will
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substance under consideration should not cause any toxic symptoms, and
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and hypophysis extract, had a breast removed nine days before the injec-
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it in water heated to the requisite temperature. Time was not counted until a
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indicating clearly the tridentate, chitinous armature described by other
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allowed. Abortion itself would be the means of saving the
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health