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French school, agrees in the main with their conclusions. He finds
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All of my patients had a mild anemia, the hemoglobin ranging from
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The outlook for success in this endeavor was hopeful, since the ex-
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the affected cellular elements in the vaccinated testicles of rabbits. These bodies
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the diminution of the small-pox death-rate proceeds pari
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being shown by the beginning dilatation of the capsular space. The divisions of
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formation and action, for with the lymphatic apparatus equally open to.
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excepting the coiidiliou of the blooil, wliicli was evidently some-
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frequently fatal disease that was produced in guinea pigs within a
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vaccine micro-organism secretes a toxin, which, at its first entry into the
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tures of pneumococcus by protection experiments on white mice,
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and six had very small tum.ors which finally disappeared. The largest growth
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resulting collapse of the tubules, there is marked dilatation of the upper divisions
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illness. Both attacks of hemoglobinuria in the hospital were apparently pre-
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digested, that substances which removed the antiferment, — chloroform, kaolin,
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that the papers presented at the State Medical Society meetings should
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The theory that hemoglobinuric fever is due directly or indirectly
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two uppers when possible. Table 6 gives the details recorded in fore-
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Cash Receipts and Disbursements and Comparison with Budget Year
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reason for the discrepancy between the results obtained by titrating sam-
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the laboratory. On no other day can we find the slightest indication of
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calcification, etc., indicating the wide range of physiological activity and

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health