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some compensating action elsewhere in the organism.

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piece of lead over the ulcer, rausath,^^ permanganate of potassium in

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the most frequent variety of meningitis with the deposit of tubercles

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hemoglobinuric fever. How is it possible to explain this fact in accord-

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the stomach (thirty-two times in forty-one cases) ; more rarely in other

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changes in the epithelial structures. The ascending loops of Henle

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ventricles, at a rate of about TO, and there is no ajiparent simple

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respectively of their fellow-men. To be a physician whether

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nium nitrate, five milligrams for a large guinea pig, the lesions ob-

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excised hearts of small dogs, which had been perfused with Locke's

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we saw nothing of her until sixteen days later (March 16). At this time a

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anaphylatoxin. These experiments were performed as follows.

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6. Payer, E., Verhandl. d. deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Chir., 1906, xxxv, 503; Arch. f.

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Norfleet, Edgar Powell, Roxobel; Med. Coll., Va., 1914 1914

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the pulse and blood-pressure give us diagnostic material of conclusive

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aisle follow each other consistently. Both vary from time to time in a

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Goodman^ admits difficulties but is entliusiastic in its favor. Spiese

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hemorrhages, etc.; (2) the experimental production of the various

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result of the first injection; the succeeding injections caused only moderate

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It's been two years since our initial incision, in gross anat-

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• d1 serum, and was in good condition at the end of the experiment,

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necessarily be an air-supply of 1,880 cubic feet per person hourly.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health