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recovery. But to judge dogmatically of medical matters
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Black, George William, Charlotte; Med. Coll. of Va., 1924 1924 1925
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papers, devoted exclusively to surgical subjects, and dealing
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observed (figures i to lo). Rarely the red corpuscle is decolorized
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of a lethal dose of pneumococci is followed by a rapid disappear-
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rats of the third series showed a larger proportion of severe infec-
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67. The results of Pfaundler's experiments with pseudo-rachitic limbs are even
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0.2 of a cubic centimeter) than was the case with adult type antigens
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tain that the differentiation of these species is not based on sufficient
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one week after the preparation of the emulsion of the testicle con-
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and the closeness and smallness of the cells are characteristic of
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These authors could not produce cutaneous and conjunctival reaction,
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Since information obtained from the American Medical Association and
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their relative importance, their sequential relations and their anatomical
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Fibrinogen. — The heat coagulation method of determining fibrino-
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occupies only the extreme caudal end. On the mesial surface of the
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in the Jefferson Medical College, was a man of great learning, so
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sure, having under certain conditions a negative pressure when pressure
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nized clinically and the immunological tests herewith presented
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by the fluctuating negative pressure in the thorax, but he describes no
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of a similarly treated cat. No. 57, into which 369 gm. of sesame oil were
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therefore are inclined to think it a means not well suited
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per person a year. With their members using about 9 per cent of the
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4. Langendorff, 0., and Lehmann, C. : Der Versuch von Stannius am Warm-
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15. Parodi, U., Ueber die Uebertragung der Syphilis auf den Hoden des Kanin-
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incubation and shows new cell growth heavily invested with bacilli (" bacillary
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health