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to have reached the maximal stage. The temperature rose after three days and

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respiration showed a moderate temporary decrease in amplitude and increase

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maintained in spite of the introduction, either pathologically or experi-

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autolysin produced in the blood by malarial infection; it is an idiosyn-

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reader is referred to Rettger, Kirkpatrick, and Jones, loc. cit.

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ceived fat gained 4.4 grams; those which received brain lost an

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repeated malarial attacks, it may develop during the first attack. It is

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These authors examined the blood of two oxen sufferino- from Tpv.

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Having made, with this technic, 125 negative examinations on thirty

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pears the epithelial cells change from the normal cuboidal to high cuboi-

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to the mesial surface of the hemisphere. In the greatest number of

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worthy difference in the toxicity of phosphorus with carbohydrate

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7. Nattan-Larrier, Tonin and Keckenroth : Bull. Soc. path. exot.. Paris, 1909,

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form of ammonium chlorid, we have a very strong foundation for the

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Davis, J. F., Hemp; Med. Coll. of Va., 1912 1912 1914

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If we accept this test as an indication of functional weakness of the

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Fig. 67. The typical vaccinal effect on the skin of a rabbit inoculated with a

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bone in endochondral ossification. The calcified material simply takes

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profession ; at least not so much as priests feel, on their

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large numbers, and in almost pure form, in the small intestine. It was also

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Mhaust ventilator herein considered. It has been lurxuei

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stronger acids which may occur in large quantities under pathologic or

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obtained in a single case, either per os or parenterally. Nor did I suc-

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rating the raised skin margin from the granulating and healing surface of the

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ID. Pearce, R. M., The Production of Edema; An Experimental Study of the

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pulse were again taken. All the observations were made between 3 and 5

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While in the case of Barlow's disease the assumption, as an etio-

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about two finger-breadths above the costal margin. Death occurred on the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health