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27. Van der Scheer: Cited by Mense: Arch. f. Schiffs- u. Tropen-Hyg., 1899,

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atoxyl. In these papers he pointed out that red blood corpuscles

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black, with hematoxylin. Usually one or two alveoli only show such a change in

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the tubule. Similarly the narrow descending limb of Henle's loop

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he confessed to him afterward. A similar case is related

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incubation time shows itself much more markedly in tuberculosis. In the

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invade the grafts arranged in bundles and in different directions.

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them are required to do so before they can be admitted to the Public

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carbon dioxid for the berths of any car is 5.38 (Car 37), the highest is

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ified cultures at varying intervals after making, into diluted plasma

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higher than the average for the latter. The three cases actually agree

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produced fever only exceptionally, the intravenous method of injection

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Experiment 22. — Rabbit. Apr. 28, 1913. Intraperitoneal injection with one-

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passively immunized and then injected with a lethal dose of the homologous

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of parasitic microorganisms can be inferred from the experiments of Parodi

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on experimental work, are so far-reaching that confirmation is impera-

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moved from the dilutions (table I) they continue to transform the

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sequently were tested as controls. The result is shown in table IX.

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Pool. B. B., Winston-Salem; Jeff.. 1923; Wake Forest, 1921.... 1923 1925

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AVe do not believe that one can say whether the pressor substance

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must owe it to the multiplied microorganism. Moreover, when the

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ceptors in leprous serums against the other substances in the bacilli, two

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evidence that alcohol causes a distinctive lesion of the liver.

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geschlossenen Raumen, Ztschr. f. Hyg., 1905, xlix, 363.

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also be obtained from cultures which are more than a year old, whether

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