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on experimental work, are so far-reaching that confirmation is impera-
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types, especially those of groups I and II, occur with great infre-
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animal poisoned with benzol, as far as the hemorrhagic features are
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Pepper. The fourth edition appeared in 1870, and this and the
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3. — Mammary gland from primiparous rabbit, nine days after impreg-
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Helmholz, H. F., and Woodyatt, R. T. : Use of blood charcoal as a clearing
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The influence on the internal fats of oils absorbed after injection was
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"Sals physiologicum" of Merck was tested, at the suggestion of
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be inclined to assume that, as a rule, a period of one to three months
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this kind have been conducted and their results may be divided into three
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11. Brem. W. V.: Malarial Hemoglobinuria, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1906,
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among other factors, as a rule, a function of its weight. In these
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After 22 Days. — The typical picture of the normal thyroid gland is still more
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opment of the secondary changes in the zone of ossification, which is
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tube and equally distributed into tw^o thimbles each (table III, -V
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the instrument and the air let in for analysis. There is no doubt a
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tubercle bacillus. The antibodies in guinea-pigs and rabbits, however,
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The occurrence in the endemic regions of hemoglobinuric fever of
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centimeters. The blood constituted one-third to one-half of the
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reactions that occur in the clot appear to be the same with any
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21. Contjean, C., Arch, de physiol. norm, et path., 1895, xxvii, 245.
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not produce changes in the T wave. We have, however, an instance
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intact mice which were fed with spleen after inoculation with
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ity is quite distinct in the condition of tetany brought about by re-

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