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passed through hardened filter paper and preserved in the refrigerator. Ether
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At 12:35 p. m. the block returned with pauses of eight to twelve seconds;
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been largely confined to regeneration following mechanical insults, such as punc-
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apparently precipitated by quinin, and a few recurrent attacks developed
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2. Gay, F. P., and Claypole, E. J., Specific and Extreme Hyperleukocytosis Fol-
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Macacus rhesus, the control animals being normal rabbits. In these
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abdominal pressure are all based on observations on intragastric pressures.
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after removal from ice, may be digested later when the serum is
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used before, five reacted with an average of 0.54°, the other four failed
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stimulated through making a wound just as effectively as the epithelial cell of
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ever, will continue after this until in many cases at the end of two
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however, suggest an intimate relation or even identity between diph-
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of the glands and other tissues on tumors in mice. If one goes over the
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P. Mayer^^ has shown that one molecule of glycuronic acid combines
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tricts along the course of rivers in northern Japan. Sleeping-sickness
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and dilatation of abdominal and crural vessels (veins especially). Large
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plasm. When one considers the small part of the tubule seen in one
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slaughtered on the sixth day and the testicles were aseptically removed (text-
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especially at its junction with the lamina zonalis. It consists of a
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286 Influence of Pituitary Body upon Growth of Carcinomata.
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lication, Howell (11) has shown that prothrombin is present in solu-
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(complement). These experiments seem to be of fundamental importance, and,
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of normal serum is associated with the albumin fraction, and Opie
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certain; but it is one, fortunately, which experience tends to elim-
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the tricresol serum could take to the medulla is surely a direct one; Flexner
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cular activity occasioned by the crying of the baby. In fact, this case is
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fails with animals (Schliiter^^). It has been shown by Van Durme,-"

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