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osmotic equilibrium is disturbed, and there being now a relatively greater concen-
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experiments mainly older animals and those during the latter half
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this disease. In about 80 per cent, of cases of pneumonia, pneu-
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of diabetes (Winternitz and Meloy). It must be remembered, however,
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workers and ourselves in attempts to identify the Cammidge crystals.
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chemical composition can be found to explain this difference between
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forces the excretion of tlie corresponding elilorids. This attempt of the
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fluctuation in pathogenic action shown by different cultures
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an efficient spontaneous respiration. This animal weighed about half as much
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accordmg to age, weight, stature, etc. In his opinion, the d'imeTs ins
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method of three successive intravenous injections of living cultures
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peritoneal cavity. The scrotal skin which is tightly stretched over
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In the work reported in this paper, the tissue cultures have all been
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the globulin fraction of the serum. The albumin fraction is ineffective.
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injected into 226 or 227 should be equally toxic, since in both cases
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of the fibrin net continues in a high percentage of the preparations
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eenth centuries were sometimes followed by urticaria, a phenomenon
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platelets from the megakaryocytes (6) of the bone marrow empha-
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Table 8), where it is seen that the average carbon dioxid for both berths
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months that followed, we learned that Physical Therapy is the
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health