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close to those of Table 2 (where natural ventilation is carried on through
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Hays, B. K., Oxford, (Hon.); Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1894 1894 1897
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asylums are worse than jails ; because diet and lodging,
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r T rsfr "' '" r .^ ^'""'^ ^^■"'•^^■»'' *'- hemoglo inn
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delivery, the precise subject on which the operation acts
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Fig. 12. Nine day culture of spleen tissue. X 100. The portion of the clot
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appeared as a ])art of the American Medical Library, but Avas subse-
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Landau wrote, in 1881, on floating kidney, in the course of which
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of the depressor substance. A solution containing the extract from 0.2
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imbedded a transformation of the fibrin net occurred. In figure 15
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degeneration can and does occur within a short time, whereas the more slowly
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preliminary period and the lower excretion of 0.38 gm. for the final
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centrifuged. Part was passed througli a Berkefeld filter, part slightly acidified
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Since the introduction of the serum test for syphilis by Wassermann,
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output of total bacterial nitrogen. Wliether or not there was an accom-
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artery. The outflow from the veins of the leg was measured by the use
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transformed and transformed atoxyl is bound. The double process
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bacilli are dead or weakened when passed with the feces.
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Table 8 records the details of 690 carbon dioxid determinations of the
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mosquitoes, and they are also not uncommonly located at hat and sleeve
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amount of calcium soap formed on a single day was present at any one
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5. Erlanger, J., and Blackman, J. R. : A Study of Relative Rhythmicity and
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residual globulin in each case being separated from the albumin in the filtrate
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lethal dose for animals upon a carbohydrate diet (0.25 to 0.3 of a
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determine whether the serum of a rabbit treated with our strain A
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catarrhal pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia, are of tubercular origin.
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degree is highly probable ; and that the edematous fluid in the tunica

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