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guard against at least a predisposition to tuberculosis. Most unhygi-
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caused by chloroform after a diet of meat, necrosis is perhaps so
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a few days, to lay eggs with shells of the usual thickness and containing
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Rabbit Controls. — Seven experiments were made upon two rabbit
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Smoot, J. E., Concord, (Hon.); Bait. Med. Coll., 1893 1894 1902
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but the physician more. There can be no excuse for em-
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beats, with the return of a wave of vagus activity, the auriinUar rate is
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trated and scaling. Eightli day: intense scaling. Twelfth day: infiltration and
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rabbits' lungs long after the pneumonic process has subsided.
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Whatever may be the cause of the crisis, it by no means always
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a stain so much like the tissue, that in the photograph it is difficult
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about actively in its cage. The next day the same animal, in excellent condition,
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Osborne, Gladys H., Waynesville; Vanderbilt, 1932 1935
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exchanged in the respiration. This method is based on the following
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calves. The usual fresh pulp contains many and various bacteria,
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made by different observers to obtain a better mixture. Nissl advised
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Fig. 68. A confluent eruption on the skin of a rabbit vaccinated with a pure
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What is the explanation of this higher energy production of the puer-
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convulsions twenty-four hours later. These acute paroxysms,
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vestigation of Rettger and Horton^^ on the intestinal flora of white
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ever such contacts have been observed the type of pneumococcus in
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McLaughlin, C. S., Jr., Charlotte; Univ. of Tenn., 1935 1937 1937
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Reference to the Cell-Count. Addison Bybee, M.D., Elgin, III.,
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Senate Bill 120 reached the House of Representatives in time to be referred
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that the diffusion was uniform, which of course it was not, the dilu-
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health