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short time there has arisen, in place of the fragile and easily de-
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berth is purely psychic. We are used to sleeping-rooms with walls
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scriptions of Policard and of Ribbert, who both called attention
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toxin were few in number and showed early advanced degeneration,
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of value to share with our patients and with the society in
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intact glomeruli are seen the divisions I of the proximal convoluted tubules with
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the metabolism and is at the same time the most difficult to control.
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considered local relapses, or as a local repetition of the primary process.
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and between the 9th and loth days in the rat. There is, therefore, no marked
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in order sufficiently to dilute the carbon dioxid produced so as to maintain
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The results of the tests on the perfused heart were as follows: the
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The relation between the organisms of the mother and offspring
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medulla were put aside in 50 per cent, sterile glycerin.
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ments which have so far been made use of in an endeavor to de-
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For comparison with the foregoing series white rats were fed
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The means employed must be fit to procure directly and
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which two or more cases of the disease have occurred in the same house,
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and angry, the area of this being well circumscribed. The temperature rose to
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have been in essence described in a previous paper.'^
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with thoracic expansion allows pressure of lungs against heart, a diminu-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health