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In this experiment seven animals were used. In four about one inch of the

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Richard J. Levis (1827-1890) was known throughout the United

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along the sides of the car, and of the term "ventilator," which will refer

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tain the fibrin net structure while a complete transformation of the

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Fig. 7. — The first x indicates an injection of 1 c.c.=4 gm. of alcoholic extract

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0.815 and 0.822, respectively ; three cases combined with mitral stenosis

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It was moved and seconded that Dr. James' report be accepted.

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After discussions by Doctors George Mitchell, Whitaker, Julian Moore,

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had all healed aseptically. Microscopically the corpora lutea showed

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quently became a comparatively free grower. The original tissue

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Pepper. Drs. Hutchinson and Tyson were succeeded by Dr. John

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13 The first inoculation of Shiga bacilH given in previous period. .

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ring with fair regularity at intervals which average 0.66 seconds in

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proteus. In fact, in some cases only the m.orphology of the germ

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disease by Eokitansky. That the condition is a rare one can be appre-

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poliomyelitic tissues are not caused by an admixture in the cultures

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weight. The limit of assimilation did not fall for more than a month

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culating through the liver to about one-third normal, will modify

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were von Langenbeck, von Graefe, Bonders and Gurlt.

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by these commissions and workers, it does seem probable, from the

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Plasmodia in 100 per cent, of the adult natives whom he examined. How

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easily and cheaply accessible to most laboratory workers can syphilis

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health