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paratively fat. The effect of body fat in diminishing the heat production
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that this interference in the circulation in the pneumonic lung is of
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of their work in rabbits and do not describe their technic.
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5. Selenin, W. P., Das Elektrokardiogramm und die pharmakologischen Mittel
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present in enormous numbers (experiment Q). In the latter case
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rate, or both, on changing from recumbent to erect position.
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remained in good condition for upwards of two months, when the
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tease in considerable amounts, which he has demonstrated by add-
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Heart, function of sino-auricular node of; A. E. Colin and L. Kessel 226
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entirely of the hypothesis of Hoppe-Seyler that there is in bones a com-
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abdominal paracentesis, there is a delay in absorption.
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The reduction test was performed in the following manner : To 7 c.c.
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if this Society should see fit to place them there. As a member of that
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Method of transforming atoxyl. I ' \^^^ I >>S
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hospitalized. As of the same date the Association had paid out to
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Doerr, R., and Russ, V. K. : Studien ueber Anaphylaxie. Die Identitiit der
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course, within the limits of possible error in experiments of this kind, and should
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usual cause of the mutilation. From a study of the cases accessible here,
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burning or stabbing pain in the same region. The attacks of pain increased in
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sour milk; pens 2 and 5 received the sweet or hulgaricus milk, ac-
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The resistance to an infection with the tubercle bacillus which can
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Achard, Lucien, Morganton; R. Univ. of Naples (Italy), 1895 1929 1930
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rank among the unmero\is works of its class. It reached a second

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health