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various shape, oval, round, cuboid, or irregular, due to the pressure exerted upon

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of mitoses is still greater in the new epithelium, because in the two latter animals

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suggesting that the disease is transmitted by a fly rather than by a bed-

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we didn't realize those classmates would be constantly discover-

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Samples of air were taken simultaneously from various locations in

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rous masses and had had repeated attacks of leprous fever. Tlie initial

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unlimited. Limitations thereof in the interest of society,

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properly adjusted will record not only the movements of respiration l)ut

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as potassium chromate causes death within from one to five days

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auricular contraction which is combined with the t'-wave, represent,

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of the guinea pig. The lesions are therefore much more extensive,

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of the tubule is seen a rounded mass of protoplasm which contains six enlarged

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tion sufficient on which to base definite conclusions as to the average

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The movements of the cell are marked, strikingly like those in leukocytes,

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able as it may seem, it is nevertheless the case that contaminating micro-

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of giant-cell complexes, consisting of from six to twelve nuclei in

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The first recurrence of attacks lasted from December 27 until January 16;

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bluterherzen. Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol. (Pfliiger's), 1906, cxii, 352.

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Dr. Vernon : Since this report was written by the chairman, the com-

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Izlvt'sl ' ''°'' ^'"-^ ^''"'"•- '• P'^-"'- Chem. (Hoppe-Sayler's), 1910,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health