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The serum-treated placenta had become almost twice as resist-
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The results obtained with this technique in the preHminary ex-
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ers the rapidity of the pulse a most reliable means of prognosis in tuber-
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laceration of the spinal cord (Hogge), or after pregnancy, removal of
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evidenced by their increase in number, large size, and fusiform
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The Duration of Trypanosome Infections. John L. Todd, M.D., Mon-
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cipitated with ammonium sulphate, and then separated by precipita-
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We have fully "in-house" production capabilities to provide patients,
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another connection, has found it impossible to produce uterine changes
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Liver. — The weight was 1,390 gm. The peritoneal covering was smooth;
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ther experiments which should test the validity of our conclusions
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of Prussia." Is there not a responsibility resting on mothers
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hemoptysis. Whenever possible, these latter cases were examined
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old fibrous cord adherent throughout. The cecum was likewise bound down by
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ular contractions, but at other times they fall so far from a preceding
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upon the kidney have been used. Both potassium chromate and
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Robert A. Nickelson, D. Keith Payne, Robert L. Penn, M.D. C. Pratap Reddy,
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and wan ; their hands perspiring, and flabbily hanging
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Most of the experiments were made with guinea pigs, but a few
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56° C. for thirty minutes. This temperature was chosen after it
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fallen woman leaves the place after or before confinement,
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probable cause be found for the mental depression leading
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found in the blood of cattle in Japan, and of Crawley^'^ on a trypanosome
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parallel clinically the experiment in absorption as described above.
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of the last century, the English earned the doubtful merit
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1830. Properly speakiug, this is not a "journal," although included

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health