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four days. The initial dose was 0..5 mg. (estimated) increasing to 6 mg. If the
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dermic injection of even so small an amount as 5 c.c. of physiological
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mice so fed, two died within a few hours after eating spleen. These
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more frequently, the doses are gradually increased, the
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tomical changes are briefly as follows : there is usually a history of the
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experiment of the same tj'pe. The pleural cannula was inserted through the
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Table 3. — Population, Total Deaths and Deaths from Malaria in
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blood in 0.5 of a cubic centimeter of salt solution. The rate of pas-
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* Presented at the thirty-eighth annual meeting of the American Public Health
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of sera from rabbits immunized with filtrates, all died practically 20 hours after
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may involve one or more fingers. As the process advances in ihi. distal
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an irregular, sacculated, abscess cavity surrounding the duodenum anteriorly and
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nosis of syphilis has led to a general understanding of the principles of
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condition of the kidneys, which Ls Mom ston a ted""' ." "' ■ "^
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r T rsfr "' '" r .^ ^'""'^ ^^■"'•^^■»'' *'- hemoglo inn
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Univ. of Wisconsin Univ. of North Carolina Ohio State University
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per cent, as the average for the three. The percentage increase per unit
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Hightower, Felda; Raleigh; Univ. of Pa., 1933 1933 1936
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3, where the rate of passage was changed with a view to increas-
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its consideration of facts which have been discovered during the past three years,
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active or fragmented nuclei (figure 5). Cultures from the same
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tries is limited strictly to citizens of these countries; and
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The horse-serum reacts first with the existing antibody. The toxic

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health