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Munroe, J. P., Charlotte, (Hon.) ; Univ. of Va., 1885 1886 1890

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burger and von Pirquet and by Lemaire. Eabbits always form precipitin

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instance of the passage of bloody urine during an attack of fever. If

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taneously, though no experimental details are given) with heterologous and homol-

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Sample, R. C, Hendersonville; Univ. of Pa., 1915 1915 1920

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ether extract, with 50 c.c. of 5 per cent, sodium alcoholate, yielded 0.699 gm. of a

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idea was born to appoint a committee from the State to study Socialized

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to 2 gm. sodium acetate, 0.8 gm. phenylhydrazin hydrochlorid, and 1 c.c.

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diphtheria immune serum the antitoxin is precipitated with the

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cal pneumococci, three were closely enough related to be included in

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Csesarean operation saves a great many children, and is

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Torrey (i) advanced the view of the diversity of strains when studj^ing first

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which interferes with absorption of fluid exudates or transudates, in cases

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ism not previously infected so that the amount of toxin produced by the

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What is of particular interest is that Monkey 3, though his blood was

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removal under local anesthesia was attempted. The remaining mass measured

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injection mass was forced through the pulmonary artery under a pressure of

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precipitate. Just as the blood is of nearly constant, yet incessantly vary-

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The spleen was enlarged (13 by 6 by 5 cm.), soft, its anterior surface necrotic

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ing tissues imbedded. The other part of the plasma was defibrinated

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The majority of tracings from extracts of the posterior lobe show a

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tococci. Our experiments, however, are not sufficient in number for

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delphia and New York, 1910, i, 40. To quote : " When a drop of uncoagulated

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the autolysis at 56^ C. lasted for one hour or two. Moreover, in

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Tumors. — In order to ascertain whether diphtheroids were pres-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health