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lence, was considered especially toxic as compared with the more
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serums the color is dark brown-black and the mixture becomes opaque.
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covery began after about 6 minutes and was then accelerated needlessly by the
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principles of bodily heat control into intimate relationship with such manifesta-
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sion and may result in disturbing irregularities of reaction. In
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denly lost consciousness and for nearly a week the pulse was very slow and
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minable, since the patient came under observation only after the perito-
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round-cell infiltration, but neither in the red nor in the yellow areas is there
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apparently largely due to increased intraspinal pressure, for the mere
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change in the index in patients with hectic fever and he found normal
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rabbits. Several immunized rabbits were benzolized and then in-
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either the bile had not been freed of electrolytic salts and these precipitated the
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selected that the height of the layer of distilled water outside and inside the
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on the vagus nerve in the neck, there was an immediate slowing of the
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which must be fundamental in wound healing. A wound under the
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mound may be in similar or varying stages of development. Their
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received 15 c.c. of chloroform serum and 6 c.c. of tricresol serum ; on the next
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cycle; that is, when it is not free in the blood serum, it is attached
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large number of animals, especially laboratory animals, have certainly
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eral substances and those resulting from purely chemical pro-
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the relatively soluble sulphate, and that it is precipitated as calcium
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from three and one-half to five minutes; then the male uncoils and lies
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2. In the final stage of tuberculosis, especially in miliary tuberculosis.
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calcium is being given off to or taken up from th^; surrounding fluids
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years', was admitted to Aneon hospital, Feb. 14, 1907. The patient had had

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