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Nevertheless, they render it sufficiently clear that the

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be seen therefore that injections of oil, acting over a sufficient period,

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mixture was shaken and allowed to stand at room temperature for

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heat on blood after it had been incubated with atoxyl, and in the

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a prevalent feeling that the medical profession is objecting to Governmental

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7:15 a. m. on the third day and 7:15 a. m. on the fourth day,

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short period of respiratory stimulation of the rate, as in dog 6. During this

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by immersing for a few seconds in acid alcohol (one drop of dilute hydro-

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peratures were tried until temperatures were found which destroyed

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1 Fleisher, M. S., Vera, M., and Loeb, L., Jour. Exper. Med., 1914, xx, 522.

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Serum Precipitates, University of California Publications in Pathology,

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first to die, indicating that the chief efifect of the preliminary treat-

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completely transformed from its typical structure, and only small

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number of preserved follicles with solid particles of colloid; the preserved folli-

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Ueber die Wirkung artfremden genuinen Eiweisses auf die Leukocytes, Ztschr.

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extract passed through a Berkefeld filter, and boiled extracts were employed.

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necessary to inoculate animals with the cultures to determine virulency.

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pneumonia may be associated with the imperfect functionating of

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tance of calcium in natural ossification, not only as forming a part of

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passed through the animal body again become long slender beaded" rods

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catalytic activity of the blood as a clinical diagnostic method 624

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element of child's play. The questions of childhood have not been

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that have not sprung from motives of the one or the other

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1869, said: "No physician on this continent has suri)assed him in

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experiment not common to the two animals is that the smaller received

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diluted with 0.5 c.c. of sterile broth developed similar, thouRh less marked, symp-

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President : Ward, Jesse E., Robersonville (Hon.) ; Univ. of Md.,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health