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His contributions to surgical literature are, however, limited to a
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must be presumed to have been clouded in his intellect at
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extending forwards, often beneath the mass of detritus which lies upon them.
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ous reaction.) Most of them become again susceptible several days after
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Feb. 18, 10 A. M. Dog given 50 c.c. of 95 per cent, alcohol by stomach tube.
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small, never more than three pieces at a time, one-fourth the size and
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jjrotargol ointment cannot be used on Europeans when the sl-in of the
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limbo of obsolete publications. In the time of Gross, the greatest
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the /th and nth days, while in the old epithelium the greatest thickness is
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blood platelets alone, and that some other tissue or tissues play
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" Ehrlich, P., Verhandl. d. dcutsch. dernwt. GcscUsch., Xtc. Kongr., 1908,
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seem to have been accepted, with more or less reserve, have been widely
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of a large number tested. One was a case of localized peritonitis involv-
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cubated with blood had any influence on the amount of transformed
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The third type of reaction with regard to its time relationship is the
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In addition we carried out another experiment in which is compared
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tissues as the kidney epithelium, the hepatic cells, or the muscle cells.
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chest, save for a well-marked systolic murmur over the pulmonary area, and one
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It would seem, therefore, that the products of autodigestion of
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1935 under the joint sponsorship of the Medical Society of the State
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simple reactions. Evidence is, however, gradually accumulating
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Brown, Landis G., Smithfield; Northwestern, 1934 1935 1938
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pounds and of the Staining of Pure Fats and Lipoids by Scharlach R and Sudan
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cells do not contain the deposits of carmine which are seen in the original renal
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health