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This presents a small, dark violet-staining nucleus, and an extranuclear

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factors in causing the thyroid overgrowth. It was on account of

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activity of the blood during the course of a lobar pneumonia is illustrated

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autumnal infections are prevalent in nearly all tropical regions, while

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antitoxic sera. Most investigators now agree that antibody pre-

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may account for their conclusions not having found such general accept-

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inspiration. On the other hand, however, it can easily be deter-

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a somewhat fibrous appearance, being in marked contrast to the normal chocolate-

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Fig. 6.— DiagTanimatic sketch of colloid involution of an actively hyperplastic

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Tallqvist^® found that increased quantity of carbohydrate is required

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President Sidbury: Do I hear a second to Dr. Dixon's motion? Dr.

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4 Winternitz, M. C, and Hirschfelder, A. D., /oMr. E-r/jm Mc-d, 1913, xvii, 657.

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made an antitoxic serum against it. The latter point has been denied by Uhlen-

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resorbed from the uterus, for her supply of energy. The dynam.ic action

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excess hydrochloric acid thus produced is reabsorbed from the intestine

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reached 40.8° on the sixth day. The animal was slaughtered at the end of six

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from these two experiments (II and III) differ, however, in that the

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and nastin have been employed in the hope of increasing the resistance

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teeth, limbs, etc., almost, and sometimes altogether, remove

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risen to 120. The pulse was regular. The conduction time averaged

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a paper entitled: The Effect of Heat on the Transforming and Binding Power of

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Cat. Oil Used.' Injection. Injected. Total. Per Day.

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is less than in experiment i. The perivascular infiltrations in the medulla are

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A last experiment was made with an etherized dog. No result wa-

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Liver. — The weight was 1,390 gm. The peritoneal covering was smooth;

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health