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the activity was on the upper limits of normal. Whether the activity was
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as the day in question, although showing the maximum chlorin output,
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ual was found to be dependent on the concentration of the lymph, while
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important and valuable sign, indicating a tuberculizable field or an
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heavy, to have a decidedly inhibitory action on tissue cell growth.
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In two cars (1 and 5) there is less carbon dioxid in the air of the
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• Convenient Thursday evening office hours to 8:00 p.m.
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by the Halphen or furfurol tests, I have been unable to find any evidence
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either until its delivery, or before a certain period of preg-
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President: Thomas, C. D., Sanatorium; Univ. of Indiana, 1926 1930 1930
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duced, and in which autopsy revealed either a less well marked
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Histologically, these masses are composed of irregular-sized follicles,
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On section it was found that the consolidated areas were for the most part
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red color, cut surface the same. Heart, adrenals, kidneys, and brain and spinal
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series of experiments was kindly carried out by Dr. Martha Wollstein. The
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ation. The conclusion was drawai that epinephrin constricts the
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organic peroxids, etc., which are more powerful oxidizing agents than
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separates the cortex and the outer stripe of the outer zone of the medulla, with
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.to the present time we have observed no tendency of these organisms
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large doses have been injected intraspinally (figures 2, 3, 4), and no
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tice of Medicine, in Iavo volumes, Avas issued in 1842. In the course
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cause disappearance of reflexes, and the period during which an animal could

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