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Skin. — To determine the presence of diphtheroids in miscellane-

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distinctly. Here it becomes necessary to regard separately the growth

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the results of cultures made from the same batch of plasma one

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reactions or negative ones. Giving 50 c.c. of a 2.5 per cent, solution

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favorably. Thereafter, after several attempts, the bill was taken from the

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:e to 200 mm. The animal was in excellent condition at the end of the

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was almost as toxic as it had been immediately after the initial in-

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may contain calcareous deposits. The most striking gross change in the

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Simultaneous observations of the lower and upper in the same section

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nancy had been observed and the experimental dieting had lasted.

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as scholar, teacher, writer and surgeon combined. Gross stands

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to be difficult to explain by another hypothesis. The rate of the pulse-

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Choate, A. B., Charlotte; Med. Coll., Va., 1929 1929 1933

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rate; the blood pressure showed a moderate, gradual drop which only once

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days after the transplantation, a cutaneous test with trichophytin was

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These investigations throw a new light upon the complexity of the nature of

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explain cases where several months after tuberculin treatment, a high

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were allowed to eat oats freely, it is probable that the special diets

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Goodall, E. W.: The Supersensitization of Persons by Horse-Serum, Jour.

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We have examined the effects of intravenous injections of the follow-

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considers as a contributory cause also the diminished albumin and hemo-

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atmosphere is found to have an average of 10 parts of carbon dioxid per

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health