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tion has been the alteration in the rate and quality of the arterial pulse.

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Angel, Edgar, Franklin; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1928...._ 1932 1932

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ally believed that pneumonia does not develop from infection from

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utes later and another 6 c.c. of antigen were added to the supernatant fluid. A

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the gland, therefore, an increased action on the part of the blood to split

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the distinction is difficult indeed, and in many instances impossible at

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serum diagnosis of syphilis on a plane easily reached by the man of

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April 25: Food, 35 gm. of glucose, 150 gm. of meat, 10 gm. of lard. Urine,

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injection. The amounts of serum injected in one day were as follows:

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work. In this position the diaphragm rests at a lower level and the apex

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elapses between the end of its administration and the return of the

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epigastrinm, a palpable mass, all are consistent with gall-stones in the

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has already been stated, was stricken Avith apoplexy at the end of

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injected who had been injected before and who still contains antibodies.

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injections can be followed. In the first period, killed bacilli of the

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nection with tliat group of anatomical changes embraced under the gen-

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the regular low water ingestion. An inspection of Table 4 will show the results

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fed with scorbutic food during the intra-uterine life, as well as in

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President Sidbury: All in favor let it be known by saying "Aye";

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first adopted by Doerr (4), explains the phenomenon on a physical basis. In his

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Providing our customers with the most patient, friendly features of any facility

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were normal. Pfliiger was struck with the great variation between his

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Placental tissue was dried according to the method of Lindig (28). 70 mg.

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the microscope. These fiber-like structures increase in size and

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health