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Clinically, there are, of course, many transitions between these two

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1 Rous, P., and Murphy, Jas. B., Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1912, Iviii, 1938.

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death from exposure, since in order to shut off the carbohydrate sup-

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pended upon the presence of the immune bodies and the third

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that the disintegration and solution of platelets, when blood is shed, facilitate

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drawn that the effects observed are the results of a stimulation

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This animal was a female, weighing 3,225 gm., and was apparently in heat. It

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ever and of two dogs suffering from piroplasmoslraTd^ e Jnab

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there is a permanent disappearance of the organisms from the circu-

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preserve and section a great many of the preparations, and in order

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treated with sheep-serum was used, this serum was highly charcred with

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of rabbit-antihorse serum. Their failure to remove the antitoxin was, however,

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of his patient, the physician, especially in incurable chronic

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here two kinds of protection exist; the one is due to still existing anti-

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effect of local hyperplasia on growing tumors, we chose white rats, which

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tivated microorganism. Successive injections of a culture wholly

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The passage quoted above may be regarded as a specimen of the

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Some reduction in the number of platelets of the circulating blood

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health