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6. Marine and Williams: The Archives Int. Med.. IflOS. i. 349. :^Iarine and

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Gram-negative stools, the position of the mass, and the obstinate con-

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isms which are diphtheroidal in morphology and to which causal

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or Bacillus hulgaricus milk, the effect is essentially the same. Hence,

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2. Expansion of Hospital Facilities. This expansion was favored where

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more particularly of the subway itself, has been thoroughly studied

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very frequently on the slcin of my lower arm, I finally became hyper-

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3/5 10:30 .. 13.4 16.4 19. 21.2 4184000 Condition good.

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the body and kept under aseptic conditions. Under these conditions we

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necrotic changes are much more pronounced, as is indicated by the general

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bination of these with the ferment constitute the agent harmful for the

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the agar plate method. In twenty-four hours the colonies (0.5 mm. in diameter)

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described by Abderhalden, with the exception of controls, which were made as

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mination was made, and Car 10, where the average is from four deter-

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When the T wave in the initial curve is directed upward, the first

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urine from a burette until the color matches that of the standard. The number of

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Microscopic Examination. — The nodules are composed of large connective

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remembered that the symptoms were promptly abolished by the

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diet; these animals have survived four days and have received doses

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it is subject to all the criticism offered to the centrifuge method. For cell

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Daniel, Walter E.. Charlotte; Med. Coll., Va., 1931 193S 1938

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(15), etc., must be regarded with due conservatism. The recovery

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has been explained above, tachycardia is a necessary physiologic se(juel

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health