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Winternitz, who was led to condemn the entire method. Winternitz,^
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In the blood we have present the anomalous condition of calcium in
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of oval bodies as a diplobacillus. All forms, from small irregular masses
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the next morning the contents of all four tubes were centrifuged, and after sepa-
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glands palpable in the neck, axillae and groins, tenderness and pain in
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3 In the latter part of the present work initial culture in tissue bouillon and
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they are included they greatly disturb the averages except when the groups are
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While the dialysate from the pepton gave a positive ninhydrin
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wald (4). Each clay, following the administration of alcohol, the animals were
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tion. This was apparently due to the fact that in the presence of
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tion, the weather being cold. Considerable leg weakness developed, which was
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Figure i is a sample record from a rabbit's coronary flow (experi-
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at the apex and base. At times, at tlie apex, an extra sound was lieard between
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had had "blackwater" on one previous admission to hospital. He had been sick
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A beneficial effect may possibly be produced by merely
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toneally, produced proliferative lesions in experiment 2. and mixed
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above. The immune bodies cause an immediate disappearance of
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oil, peanut, cotton-seed, olive and sesame oils produced no irritation and
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this organism from chickens, geese, and ducks which had succumbed to the
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animals received one, others two, and still others three intravenous
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The minute microorganism is therefore to be regarded as the
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fibrous tissue with its bundles of fibers, and these with the tissue cells which
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few hepatic cells immediately about the central vein of each lobule,
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Webb, B. G., Andrews, (Hon.); Louisville Med. Coll., 1885 1885 1885
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9 Strong, R. P., and Musgrave, W. E., Report of the Etiology of the Dysen-
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The anatomical changes in cretinism and myxedema are similar. Tak-
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Tumors, malignant, eff^ects of certain internal secretions on; G. L. Rohden-
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absolutely indispensable, if our work is to be crowned with success, has

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health