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The diffusion of the ordinary poliomyelitic virus from a non-

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The recent publications of Meyer/ Schloss,- Friberger,^ and others

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the test, and show then "secondary reactions." Post-mortem examina-

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he incorporated them in his article, do not support the above statement in its

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nating subject of the internal secretions. We may, indeed, venture the suggestion

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perient mother ? That it was not fever is apparent from the very accurate

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the average of the eight normal women. ^Ye cannot commit ourselves to

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the next morning. It will be noted that the fibers are very irregular

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of an oily, yellow product, while the alcohol-ether extract yielded 0.069 gm- of

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formation within the cyst of eight young amebas. ^ Entamcehci histo-

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xerosis bacillus. The local and general reactions were similar to those describe 1

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It would seem that the white l)lood cell is no longer necessary in

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lus. Nicholls (2) and Ford (3) have also shown that bacteria can

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Hinnant, Milford, Micro; Univ. of Md., 1912; U.N.C 1912 1913

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admitted to the service of Dr. Janeway on July 9, 1910. The patient's family

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authors explained it as a -yital antibody reaction.- According to this

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1. In the first state of infection. At this period the antibody has

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Heart enlarged, gallop rhythm. Blood-pressure 132-192 mm. Hg. Dyspnea.

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30. Falls, F., Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1914, Ixiii, 1172.

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have we secured evidence of chemical processes which can account for

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Urine, 320 c.c; specific gravity 1040; no sugar. Room temperature 15 C.

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Experiment 10. — Rat. June 19, 1912. 4 c.c. of a twenty-four hour broth

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tioned the precautions taken to make the food factor as constant as

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figure with spleen tissue, the fibers have arisen in close connection

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health