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reactivity of the organism. The term has a purely clinical meaning,

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third, to ascertain the effect of gland extracts on tumors in mice; fourth,

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4, but with none of the other streptococci. The growth on artificial media

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to ingesting ordinarily larger amounts of water than he was receiving

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16. The only attempt with which I am familiar, to corroborate this interest-

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Klingmueller, V.: Beitriige zur Tuberkulose der Haut, Arch. f. Dermat., 1904,

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also. Some of the intervertebral ganglia show especially severe lesions in which,

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tion is unsatisfactory we can only suggest that it is from the incomplete-

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from time to time, its adherents have modified their views, until we now

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drops of diluted plasma and numerous tissue fragments. Where

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are powerful enough to kill the micro-organism, as the human antibodies

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This study v^as carried on in the Department of Bacteriology of

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had a small patch of consolidation in the right lower lobe; and the fourth showed

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the exudate on a variety of special media, including tryptophan and

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tical Medicine, edited by Dr. William Pepper, and another on the

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minute spores which are formed by chromidia and a portion of proto-

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Schulgin attributes its transmission to mosquitoes, and when one con-

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conclusions of the pathologists as to whether the heart of the tuberculous

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rate was slower, once as slow as 59. while the ventricular lieats occurred

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Avenue. We now have more therapy rooms, a larger office area, as well as a larger student room.

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serum is digested with kaolin, which by itself cannot be the source

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erties, the sensitizing and the toxic, have been destroyed. And this antianaphyl-

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marked diminution in the output of the acetone bodies in the urine!^

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them forcing their way into and partly absorbing the calcified cartilage ;

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It is further probable that the interference of the circulation in

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then only when growth of the minute microorganism has taken

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The splenectomized mice when fed with spleen after inoculation

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ciation and it is further directed that this committee study in conjunc-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health