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Five hundred and sixty-six grams of oil were given and 120 gm.

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tion, representing the terminal portion of the original wave. It is

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by Scavini may contain an axiom that is correct in general,

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In this experiment the injection of arsenic compounds seemed to

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coccus 13, which develops strong agglutination only in serum II,

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Heart, Jour. Pharmacol, and E.vpcr. Therap., 1913-14, v, 425.

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cially valuable because he showed, at different times, two quite differ-

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from these two experiments (II and III) differ, however, in that the

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Fig. 4. Nine day culture of spleen tissue. X 40. Fibers are shown at a

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nuric fever, then in this locality one would expect to meet instances of the

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urine with a standard solution so made up as to correspond in concen-

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8. Nature's process is more complicated than the simple chemical

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injection tilted so that the natural course of the fluid would be into

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their way through the fibrin net. In the cultures of heart muscle

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Uranium nitrate has been administered in 0.5 per cent, aqueous

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tutional and local effects may have been due in both forms of injection to

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one specimen of ossifying arteries which they examined. It may be recalled that

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ing the normal pressure within the peritoneal cavity, which will be fol-

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As a rule, the tuberculin reaction does not change very much for several

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In regard to anatomy and physiology, it would be very

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added to the plasma. For example, a normal plasma (table II ^)

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from horses which had been immunized over periods of one to two

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in pancreatic diabetes, the pancreatic hormone, which he has demonstrated to

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Carbohydrate metabolism, study of internal function of pancreas in; J. H.

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as ous experience regarding the significance of splenic nlar/erelt in

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number of platelets and the coagulation time. More recently Duke

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neously, and in sixteen minutes death occurred with a gradual fall of both carotid

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health