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In the course of some experiments on the quantitative excretion of

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grown or adult animals were employed to propagate the tumors,

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which follow insect-bites, and which may itch considerably. The papule

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size. During the fourth and fifth day there is an extension of this process of

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tors (surface exposure), as is indicated by the wide range of clini-

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was moderate. In all three there was a decline in the catalytic activity

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sleeping-sickness, greatly delayed the discovery of the real cause.

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for 1Z7 1 "''"""'-TlKi case progressed steadily downward. The temnerature

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Ever since, by the laws of the Empire, the vaccination of

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obtain these dilutions the 10 per cent, solution was in each instance diluted ten

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*Young female, weight 5700 gm.; pancreas separated from duodenum Nov.

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each, and left on ice for sixteen hours in contact with 0.5 gm. of boiled human

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Nine days after the last injection each rabbit was bled and the serum exam-

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the control, carried through the regular alcohol-ether extraction method, yielded

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mile train speed. No special intakes are provided for this air. It

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combined hemoglobinuric fever and pernicious malaria, and with five cases

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The extent of necrosis is considerably greater in animals which

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given the bread and vegetable food only. During the entire period B. acidophilus

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F, and G) gained 0.89 of a lb. (or 14.2 per cent.) more per ten chicks than those

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of atoxyl and incubating for 3 hours at 37°. The result of this

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Finance Committee's report. Is there any discussion? All in favor say

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of carrying it out would be $850,000,000 a year. No attempt was made to

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manifold and complex shapes, four or five times the size of a small

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Jan. 29. Abundant feces. Phthalein excretion 58 per cent.

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tion to classify the diphtheroids as a separate species. Many writers,

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as mentioned previously, the mere, local application of 0.3 per cent,

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neutralized. The allergen, B, meets its anaphylactic antibodies and pro-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health