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of cattle in rabbits, and finds that an anaphylactic shock occurs if a
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forty-eight hours the swelling and induration of the organ begin to
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bit of membrane four months after its removal from the throat. Bug-
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Secretary: Byrd, Allen L., Leaksville; Jeff., 1936 1936 1937
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apt to be deceived and misled by such symptoms as every
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to three weeks, and will seldom be protracted longer j never,
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should be twice as great for two persons as for one, the air-supply remain-
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may be present in the milk, nor in acid-producing bacteria which
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tissue, with extensive new formation of osteoid tissue and greatly
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writers in recent hterature, particularly as regards the description of
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latter conclusion means that, neglecting the muscular activities of mother
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The secondary anemia, with its diminished albumin, salts and hemo-
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in calcifying tissues, in which the salts concerned are contained in an
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the umbilicus. The spleen was palpable; knee-jerks active; deep reflexes in the
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60 minutes' contact, and only 10 per cent, motile after 90 minutes' contact. In
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developed in the serum during incubation, the ordinates expressing the volume
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firmed by Blackley and Dunbar. In this connection it is of special
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Swan and Gilbride^^ think it a mistake to interpret every positive reaction
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passage that takes due account of the existing biological status, or
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longest. It measures 99 microns and represents in consequence a little more
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of the leucocyte, may become larger and more irregular in shape.
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temporaries. They vilified him publicly before their students, and
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(Oliver: Histogenesis of Chronic Uranium Nephritis.)
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1. Two principal types of gonococci may be recognized by suit-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health