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with the voice of authority, that "all diseases should be described as
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tree, giving the picture in stained cultures referred to by the author
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brethren, and to Christian physicians who make a ministry of their art, the
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monly found most minute traces of calcium in solutions obtained by
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especially if at the same time the acid reaction of the stomach contents
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where throat diseases are prevalent greater care should be used to detect
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maximum m twenty-four hours. Schnuerer recommends to be^in the
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the physician in the most contemptuous manner. Even
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and experiments soon showed that the effect seen was due to the
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authors failed, however, to demonstrate fixation of tetanus antitoxin or of
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patient througli an interpreter, it is probable that the febrile period
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taneous sarcomas. Moreover, arsenic is of use in certain infec-
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Figs. 29 and 29 a. The peculiar round or oval bodies of varying size within
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ferent animal species varies. Pick^^ found that in immune horse
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tions between 3,800 and the complete disappearance of leucocytic
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ment was to increase materially the resistance of the animals, espe-
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1,100 tissue cultures made during the fall, winter, and spring of
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cus rhesus), which was injected at intervals with living leprosy bacilli. Up
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recovered cases, and this organism, except when the type strain has
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since he studied 622 patients under continuous observation over long
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ing to Brodmann, the undivided inner granular layer of the neighbor-
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and rat skin is represented in table I; in the case of the guinea pig
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tinguishable from their non-pathogenic relatives by a variety of

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health