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ants use force toward the patient, maltreat him, and so

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plus diphtheria toxin and antitoxin. (Same toxin dosage as in figure 5.) Note

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guinea pig and rat skin. The rat was chosen because its epidermis

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7, the ammonia output averaged 2.960 gm. If we assume that the high

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condition could be proved besides. Without the morbid

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which had been killed by heating, or starch grains were imbedded in

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"quoted in all ]>arts of ilic civilize<l worhl where the English

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enlarged and tender liver, the repeated chills, the occurrence of marked

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on the vagus nerve in the neck, there was an immediate slowing of the

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fibrin net, bundles of fibers extend in all directions through the

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immunologic and clinical studies of Cole^ have shown that the pro-

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crawling over him, and a dragging in the calves of the leg,

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similar structure are infiltrated with inorganic salts of identical compo-

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obtained from Bausch and Lomb; it was finely powdered and labeled

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determining the curve of cell proliferation. Failure of the wound

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at or before the time of tissue planting, or as controls into plasma

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upper, but the difference is so small as to be of no practical consequence.

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Morphium, Chloroform, Arch. f. e.vper. Path. u. Pharmakol., 1882, xv, 450.

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f. Krebsforsch., 1910, xi, 393) considers the possibility that certain progressive

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the blood is high, while the results are far too small to say there is an

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Sciences, sii|iiMirled by an association of physicians and edited by

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question are of the greatest interest and value. It should be remembered

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although the utilization figure was practically identical with that of the

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followed by general phenomena of short duration, which are sometimes

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sures, and concludes that the higher the abdominal pressure the less the

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long and careful study. The experiments have served, however,

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are based upon analogy with other classes of mammalia. There ex-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health