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tion, we apply artificial methods of injecting large amounts of tubercle

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Dulness extended 4.5 cm. to the right in the fourth space and above to the third

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in the 10K for women ages 40-49), and Jude Bares (first in the 10K

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of the blood by means of the concentration cell or by indicators. We assume

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under discussion and the reader is referred to the articles by Thayer*

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media frequently remains attached to the anterior lobe at the margins

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renal epithelial cells, few leukocytes, a few granular and a moderate num-

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cipitated calcium salts. This is an attractive hypothesis, but objections may be

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Simon Flexner, Hideyo Noguchi, and Harold L. Amoss. 101

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first part of the final period which was not shown in the copious water

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Within 4 dys. 1 Necrosis f liver lobule; no absorption.

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than the alcohol-ether extract, by means of a large excess of 5 per

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Schlossmann and Moro: Zur Kenntnis der Arteigenheit der verschiedenen

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kind of immunity exists which may be due either to another antibody or

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those of lobar pneumonia. As our experience increases, vv^e are

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9 Strong, R. P., and Musgrave, W. E., Report of the Etiology of the Dysen-

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which is expressly noted to have come from the blood within the auricle,

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virus emulsion as active as the. original testicular material employed

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The incubation time, after which the allergy can be tested, depends

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intestinal tract, biliary tract, diabetes and carcinoma of organs other

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and drank "all kinds of water and whenever I can get it." He had had the usual

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results and those of Hofmeister. The latter investigator added the glu-

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after a recovery from the first symptoms, look quite healthy for some

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health