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that such an unstable condition occurs as the result of malaria, only in

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erate water periods of both subjects. Also in both cases there was a

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ceases further growth and returns to the condition" nearest normal

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sections are stained, exhibits large fibrinous contents; the tissue, othf -vuse, also

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The available information concerning the carotid gland requires but two

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pressure recorded. Under deep narcosis after section of the phrenic nerves, the

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Thayer, William Sydney: Ameboid activity of megaloblasts 223

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Klebs-Loeffler findings in the case of convalescents from bacteria. Acting

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numerous contributions to the field of bacteriology. At the present time

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3 Bonhoflf, H., and Tsuzuki, M., Ztschr. f. Immunitdtsforsch., Orig., 1909-10,

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blood-supply. The capsular vessels dilate and hypertrophy and become

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One of the other conditions which sometimes may be difficult to differ-

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That the feeding of sour milk in the second series of investiga-

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cedure. Laws and enacted checks, sermons and private

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Physical Examination (F. \Y. P.). — This showed a well-nourished old man.

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mann, M.; Beiheft z. Arch. f. SchiflFs- u. Tropenhyg., 1908, v. 117.

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center, and was quite similar to the drop of blood pressure obtained

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increase in pressure is minimized by the yielding of the abdominal walls.

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1. Different strains of Trypanosoma lewisi represent different

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been reported by Thayer and Hazen (Calcification of the Breast Following a

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member of Group 2, and hence these carriers are quite as dangerous as

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our microscopic reactions thus far done were set up with very clean

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Lawrence, B. J., Raleigh; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1918; U.N.C 1918 1920

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following slight modification. A serum of normal individuals was dialyzed

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Cat 5, weighing 3 kilos, received daily injections of 20 gm. of cotton-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health