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except in cases in which the amount of calcium soaps is large, and on
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serum may result in a very definite action on normal or immune
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a participation by physiologist, pathologist, and clinician, as does this ever-fasci-
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group I or group II is characterized by the possession of immunity
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but their size depends on the degree of active hyperplasia preceding the
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mucoid bodies, the protein bodies or nucleo-albumins of the normal urine
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When we remember that free-living nematodes abound in all soil and vege-
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nating Committee's report be accepted. Is there any discussion? If not
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Susceptibility to intoxication with uranium nitrate which causes
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immediately before tracheal injection of live culture was tested in the
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retribution, such impulses can, and must, be overcome. If
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of the experiment. After suturing the wounds in the left pleura and groin the
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of the final period is also apparent. This is clearly shown by the obser-
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Simultaneous determinations were made for the lower and upper
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The protocols which are reported above are based entirely upon
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treating subjects of so painfully unpleasant a nature, when it is a question
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Table 4. — Acidosis Index ix 15 Cases, frosi 83 Observatioxs
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ruary 1939. About two hundred members registered and were well pleased
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The numerical disproportion between the cases of hemoglobinuric
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virulent state, 4 out of 14 rabbits developed extensive exudative lesions, in which
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and third American editions of Leishmann's System of Mi<lwifery,
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first under the joint authorship) contained more than two hundred
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Woodson, Charles W., Salisbury (Hon..); Columbia Univ., 1904 1905
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can here refer to the acid- fast group which forms a more striking
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health