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by the avalanche of "quiz compencLs" which began to desceiul dur-

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Erlanger^^ thought, soinetimes one and sometimes another steps in for the

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and accessory pseudopodia encircle surface mounds. As a rule,

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ler's), 1893, xiii, 487] also throws doubt on many of the earlier statements con-

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of free toxin present in the dilution. Great motility of the trypanosomes indi-

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Moore, Henry Blanchard, Graham; Jeff. Med Coll., 1920; Wake

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pcrfordtione, cepkalotrlpsia medici undent. Aachen : K. Bartli. 1875.

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atoxyl during the time the dilutions. are acting on the trypanosomes,

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c.c. horse serum and 2 c.c. sterile bouillon were placed on plain agar and

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Bang and Bohmannsson, and the weight of charcoal employed was

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have withstood the attack of the toxic agent and have enlarged prior

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cunning they display in order to procure them. These

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the supposed infectious agent, there is, at least, quite as much to

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based on an acquired insensibility against the virus, but it is based on

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its proportion at 10 parts in 10,000. The computation is better repre-

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24. Rossle, R., Storungen der Regeneration von Nierenepithelien, Virchows Arch.

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many Charcot-Leyden crystals; very large number of cercomonads; no eggs of

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Smith, Sidney, Raleigh; Tulane, 1925; U.N.C 1925 1930

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to the previous acid intoxication. Even here, however, it will be observed

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the nineteenth day, great muscular weakness. Accumulation of oil was

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Anderson tried the action of extracts of colon bacteria, yeast, etc. and

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strated from the experiment with trypan blue. This is a most read-

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tremely delicate one. It is hardly necessary to add that such quan-

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necrosis occurs. Coagulative necrosis of the hepatic cells has been

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In some monkeys, like Cehiis capiicimis, there is a different cyto-

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The Use of Digipuratum in Heart-Disease. William F. Boos, M.D.,

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There are names in our annals which inevitably suggest the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health