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usuallv kill a small animal, cat or rabl)it, by fatiguing the diaphragm, as
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both in number and in kind, sins committed against all the
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Cobb, Donnell B., Goldsboro; Univ. Pa., 1921; U.N.C 1921 1926
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is drawn on as needed. Proof of this last proposition is lacking.
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pressures, greater in inspiration than in expiration, except during active
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tating and to what extent, if any, they were absorbable. The following
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"l^ut Avhen," lie says, "organic substances find their way into the
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shown by lack of growth on agar slants from such cultures after
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positive diphtheroid, which when stained by Gabbett's method
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Protease action in the serum must take place under conditions
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serum disease in the second week after the injection. The third case is extremely
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Kraus, Doerr and Sohma found, that the anaphylactic reaction of the
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from a case of Delhi boil. The sections were made with a freezing micro-
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4. Corpuscular mounds projecting at the periphery of the red cor-
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gree of specificity whatever of the various strains of gonococci, the
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tained for some minutes more or less, and then the pressure reached practically
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calcium salts brought in the tissue fluids. One can readily imagine that
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For the species of the genera Ankylostoma and Strongyloides there is a pos-
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a similar type of reaction occurring within twenty-four hours in vaccinia,
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manner and I believe that it will not be long before we shall be able to
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brain than in those fed upon fat. The average length of life of
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required, first, in cases wherein the delivery, at the full
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science has accomplished wonders in this direction. But
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health