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ronic acid but is usually an osazone of inverted saccharose. Also that the
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Among the conti-ibutors to surgical Incrature, Henry liollings-
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fainted. On the following morning, while in the bathroom he again lost con-
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6. Quoted by Liisk in The Science of Nutrition, 1909, 72-75 and 165.
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Simultaneous determinations were made for the lower and upper
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can influence the incidence or extent of a readily demonstrable
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* Compare niv pamphlet, "De occisione foetus,^' qiiam ahortu provocato,
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in diameter was exposed to the air for varying periods of time.
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tion, for there was a very striking decrease in the area of liver dulness, the
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Pressly, J. M., Belmont; N. C. Med. Coll., 1915 1915 1920
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Pickert, M., and Loewenstein. E.: Eine neue Methode zur Priifung der Tuber-
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LeBauer, Maurice L., Greensboro; Univ. of Va., 1929 1930 1932
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nearly all men become infected with tuberculosis during their lifetime,
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neutralized. The allergen, B, meets its anaphylactic antibodies and pro-
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The patient received no drugs and was on regular diet. During the period
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C and E) was it possible to examine microscopically the tissues from
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The anaphylactic antibody appears in the serum at the time when
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the figure are entirely normal in structure, though somewhat dilated. Spencer
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we find that the membership of the Medical Society of the State of North
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apparently noiinal in all i-espects. The a wave is rather large, and the
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plete dissociation. It is also very unfortunate that no graphic records
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6. Retraction and contraction of the wound are factors additional

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health