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persons suffering from acute pleuritic effusion die. Experience, there-
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lesions, though the spinal cord was slightly congested, especially
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the advanced age of eighty-two. Sir James had been failing in
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thusiast dared to allude to it. Now, if I may judge by your own pages
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submaxillary gland was slightly swollen, hard, insensitive, and adherent
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bad state ; that it is necessary to institute a new body of practitioners,
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develop. Like the liver, the spleen first shows simple passive con-
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Prof. F. Smith, Journ. Covip. Path, and Therap., 1891, p. 355.
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versity chairs should be taken out of the hands of the Town Council.
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medical or semimedical, and a study of the original
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injecting under the skin and into the veins and peritoneum defi-
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eyehd becam& thickened, vegetations developed on the conjunctiva,
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Remark. — I could relate a number of cases showing the value of
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strength of those delicate organs, which, when once diseased, are sure to lead to
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had grown as large as before. The bird was brought here on the 19th
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wards, extending from the upper border of the neck to within an inch
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just as an ordinary strip of linen or roller bandage with lint is ordered
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What is the prognosis in these lesions ? I have already said they
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no place in its roll, no clue to a true diagnosis, imtil recent times sup-
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contracts human tuberculosis, but is proof against avian tuberculosis.
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administering medicines has scarcely extended beyond the laboratories
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confluent in a certain number, but always firm and unsoftened. In
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which seemed to them highly objectionable. Our President undertook
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one hundred deaths from cholera took place ; and it is well known that
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Microscopic examination reveals patches, bands, and anastomosing
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lung soon regains its function in an almost perfect degree.
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in this direction. It is however certain, whatever may be the explana-
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patient left the hospital free from valve-murmur, in three of those
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Phthisis". We shall defer a more detailed notice until next week,
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was also slightly enlarged, but contained no granulations. The fourth,
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his post, after a good service of six years. A successor has fortunately

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