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its quantitative determination by means of the polariscope, and w^:nle this
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Harrison (7) lays especial stress on the importance of these two
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After an intravenous injection these two forms of reaction only are
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case, and thus there is no particular intercourse with the
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permanently to contract after the excision of the node-bearing area. In
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Experiments which I have performed on adult guinea pigs point in
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Microscopic Examination. — The nodules are composed mainly of large con-
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degeneration has taken place, e. g., caseous tubercles, atheromatous ves-
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Gay, F. P., and Southard, E. E.: Serum Anaphylaxis in the Guinea-Pig, Jour.
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In this experiment two series of mice were given, respectively, whole serum
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the attacks the' heart's action was usually very irregular, the rate ranging
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Bacillus fcccaUs alkaligcncs. This particular strain, also, grew
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ogenic factor, although no experiment furnished sufficient weight for
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Urine: Amount 600-2200 c.c; specific gravity 1009; albumin; casts, granular
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2. The cell type with greater proliferative power in the normal
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how complete the recovery may be after comparatively few minutes. This dog
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Preliminary (400 c.c. of water per day).. 3 3 \ 3 260 V 13.-.0 3.00 V 10.90
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the appendix region tuberculous adenitis forms a well-known surgical
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furnish the comparatively large quantity of lipase or other enzymes neces-
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Univ. of Nebraska London Univ. of Tennessee Univ. of Mississippi Univ. of Tennessee
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trating it with diagrams. This will give me the opportunity to touch on
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we would have HoKOo = H2O + KO. This would explain the fact that,
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tain protein precipitants has been utilized in the concentration of
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cent.) which constancy of composition is to be ascribed to the relative
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appear in the iris, which gradually coalesce and become cheesy. Intense iritis
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minutes, caused only slight effects on the blood pressure and respiration. At
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As a result of increased physiological activity, from whatever cause

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health