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the fourth or fifth day after inoculation; the quantity of virus re-

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trol. The results so far indicate that from this a more uniformly com-

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molestiam extraordlnariam* The Holy Scripture says :

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natural that the study of the morphology of the blood, no matter how

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c.c. of milk that was fermented by B. hulgaricus, and rat 23 the usual diet plus

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From the enormous number of larvse in some cases it seems that these

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of the water period to be mainly retained within the tissues and organs

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revealing but three. This may be due to the fact that the condition was

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while other houses in the vicinity remained free from the infection.

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or have some friend register for them, if they cannot go on the Cruise to

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noted that the observations made fall rather under than over the curve

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the antiferment would reveal the presence of proteases.

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Baitsell, George A. The Origin and Structure of a Fibrous

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reader is referred to Rettger, Kirkpatrick, and Jones, loc. cit.

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14. Kumagai, cited by Abderhalden, loc. cit., p. I54-

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"garden" of flowers and with the room filled by the sounds of the Red

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the value as obtained was considerably higher than the daily average for

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large number of closely related strains have been found. If, then,

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tion is to be observed between these cells and the fibers. In cultures

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of cartilage sufficient to account for this difference in behavior/^ and we

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February 27 to March 2: Tlie urine each day reduced Fehling's solution,

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living body the real cause of perturbations that threaten

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were revaccinated as follows : (a) an area with some of the virus used in the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health