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102. Blood-cultures were sterile on a number of occasions. Tavo months after

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mental research in the dog indicates that the clinical, anatomical

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incubation. The quantity of 0.2 of a cubic centimeter was chosen

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was certainly not due entirely to the fact that the sugar was given under

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Fig. 10. — E. L., leprosy suspect. Typical distal atrophy of distal phalanx of

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effect mentioned, the argument advanced is considered valid.

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All cavities are apparently moderately dilated, particularly on the right side.

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The immune bodies of antipneumococcus serum are com-

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without higher religious motives, such men are seldom

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days before death only 16 c.c. of oxygen were liberated in the first fifteen seconds.

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acid/" we would obtain the values shown in Table 5 .

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The most characteristic and pronounced symptoms, however were

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which are receiving milk or lactose does not result in its acclimatization in the

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sure 110-85, hemoglobin 66 per cent., erythrocytes 3,160,000. leukocytes 8,400.

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tion in that the secondary operation of bacteria contained within the

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recognized in typhoid fever as in scarlet fever. During this predisposi-

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serum and also by 0.2 c.c. of normal serum, whereas in neither patient's

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marked fall from 110 mm. to 86 mm., with evidences of vasodilatation,

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in many cases, a transformation of the plasma clot by which it

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of causal relation rather than from the more probable aspect of con-

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elements of the inflammatory exudate were responsible for this

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and sick at the stomach. This passed over in a short time. The boy,

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Thyroid removal causes no change in phthalein excretion. Par-

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Menzies, H. C, Hickory, (Hon.) ; N. C. Med. Coll., 1894 1894 1899

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Whipple to the fetal blood islands found in the livers of these young

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health