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the blood at its normal concentration. Under these circumstances a

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frequent "flushes." With the establishment of a regular pulse the patient

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are used by the medical men of science of our days can

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trations of the pituitary body or portions thereof upon the time re-

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Action of a Primary Infection in Guinea-pigs.— K small amount of

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from various sources, an examination which included a test for

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many and various sites of calcification in common? Certainly not a

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As was expected, there was much opposition before the Senate Committee

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alent to the pressure at the same moment at any other point in the cavity.

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described by Herring and to their peculiar mode of secretion. As pre-

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January 4, 189G. Current. Editors, J. V. Shoemaker and W. C.

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that the patients liave died of trypanosomiasis in instances in which the disease

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author, but a journalist of distinction. In 18o8, when but twenty-

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Diagram of incisions: S. V. C, superior vena cava; R. A., right auricle:

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Shaw, L. R., Statesville; Med. Coll. of Va., 1930; Wake Forest,

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typical crystals; J. C. Roper and R. G. Stillman 252

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son,e diagonal which has a definite vflue i'ZZ7A^.^;^;''' ''''"

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Meynert. A number of authors (Betz, Leonowa, Hammarberg (i), and Schlapp)

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essentially normal. In the two instances in which the a-c time is much

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bin in the human blood. This, probably, may be accounted for by

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rate, for example, may drop from 135 to 80 per minute, or from

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centrosome, staining carmin, from which a long scarlet flagellum arises.

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from 0.05 to 0.08 of a cubic centimeter of oleum phosphoratum ;

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be obtained. If, however, the precipitation with lead acetate were omitted,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health