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twenty-five and thirty-five grams. These figures were rarely ex-
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neutral red changes color at the exact point of reaction of the blood ;^
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find Plasmodia in any of the five eases described in his book, so far as he
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would be but a slight one, however, in this case ; and the two methods have
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This experiment (dog 13-36) shows the familiar effect of chloro-
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occurred, among which are numerous large spindle cells. No rela-
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made in nearly all the cases. The usual Wright technic for the opsonic
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the forward passageway always showed a contamination equal to or greater
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Monkey 2 of this series was a male, weighing 3,575 gm., and was prepared
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That the condition was not one of total block is shown 1)V the lesult
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In Tracing 25 the rhythm is regular; the rate 71. The a-c periods
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cover-slip forcibly on a fresh blood smear, etc. It is possible, there-
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Pleural Cavities. — The right showed old adhesions of the pleura, readily
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sure, by which the persisting cells which lie at the edge of the defect are pushed
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Paneoast, and reached a ninth edition. In its various forms it
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Experiment 6. — Duplicate of experiment 4, with two samples of 5 gm. each
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confers upon the individual as well as upon the community.
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transmitted to the following generations of tumor cells.
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20. Van Durme: Thompson Yates Lab. Rep., Liverpool, 1902, iv, 471.
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Von Pirquet and Schick found that the shortest interval between the injections
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constant composition of this solvent. Slight variations in the compo-
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an inverted bell jar full of water. Only a few bubbles of air that were retained
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lobule it is present, unlike fat, in greatest quantity in those cells

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health