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more in harmony with what we know regarding the conduct of other

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Stills, and that, through the able collaboration of Dr. Pepper, it

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We have pointed out that with five exceptions the modifications

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Of great interest is the apparent recovery of the patient alter periods

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Bigler, V. L., Albemarle; Pittsburgh, 1925 1926 1927

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toms of renal insufficiency the catalytic activity of the blood will be irreg-

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an overwhelming dose of homologous pneumococci. Blood cultures were taken

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Lane, Bessie, Raleigh; Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., 1921 1921 1926

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experiments was, briefly, that after excision the heart ceased to beat for

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these studies twenty-four-hour cultures of living organisms were used as

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35. Klotz: studies' on Calcareous Degeneration, Jour. Exper. Med., 1905, vii,

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the nucleus of the clinical application of tlie test and they may be briefly

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to 50 in two hours. Serum from normal individuals has failed to agglu-

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Seniors jumped with joy during the fifteen minute time period it took

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Mauzy, Chas. H., Jr., Winston-Salem; Univ. of Va., 1933 1938 1939

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been incited by only a few. Aside from personal rancorous

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day he refused the food at first, but finally ate it and reacted as previously. On

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Fig. 3. — Cat under ether anesthesia (Experiment 4, Nov. 25, 1904). The

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Ivtic amboceptor and sheep red corpuscles were added, and the total

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by Means of Immunity Reactions, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1913, Ixi, 727.

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difl^erent heads; namely, the influence of milk feeding, the influence

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sites, and the time of its appearance can generally be foretold with a

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viously stated, Gushing and Goettsch have attributed an hypophysial origin

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admitted). Heart: Upper border of percussion dulness at the third rib, right

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tions, and is negative in the knee-chest or knee-elbow positions, even — 2

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health